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Discover all our opportunities for your family or solo meals. Depending on your delivery area and opportunities, our application offers a wider range of cheap food products to save: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, pastries, delicatessen products…Read more

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Freshopp offers a wide range of weekly boxes and foods to save from waste. Download our free anti-waste app and place your first order.

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Our selection of food products to save

Type of delicatessen products :

Salmon / Land and sea / Foie gras figs / Poultry pie / Goat and spinach / Snails / Seafood bites…

Meat type :

Beef (entrecote / beef / ribs / brochettes…) – Poultry (fillets / thighs / drumsticks / cordon bleu…) – Lamb (leg / neck / chops…) – Pork (ribs / ribs / brisket / chopped steaks / brochettes / sausages…).

Type of fish :

Cod / Lean / Red mullet / Prawns / Scallops / Salmon / Smoked salmon / Salmon burgers / Monkfish tail / Seafood cocktail / Crayfish tails/Lieu/Bar/Dorade…

Type of pastry :

Éclairs / black forest / tarte tatin / opera / galette frangipane / log / Norwegian omelette…

The opportunity to vary flavours without breaking the bank all year round

Thanks to our anti-gasp opportunities for meat, fish and cooked starters/dishes/desserts, you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors while helping to avoid food waste. Products are delivered frozen, for effective, long-lasting preservation, or fresh, depending on the moment. Packaged in portionable containers, they can be adapted to suit all needs and tastes. The composition of this mixed basket makes it possible to cook a variety of dishes on a reasonable budget. Non-binding service, offering flexibility all year round!

Discover Freshopp's other boxes and anti-waste products

box comportant différents morceaux de viandes




Assorted meats – Boxes from 1 to 4 kg

Box avec differents poissons




Assorted fish and/or fish dishes

Box aves differents produits alimentaire




A range of products from starters to desserts




Assortment of products (meats, snacks, breakfast products, ready-made meals…)