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Want to add value to your save* products?

5 to 10% of your production saved / year

Freshopp has the solution!

Join the movement by becoming an “anti-gaspi partner”.

*Out-of-gauge products, damaged products, overproduction, specific packaging and/or production, prototypes, end-of-promotion products, end-of-stock products, packaging unsuitable for traditional markets but still in compliance with current regulations and legislation.

Freshopp is also about quality of service and high-performance logistics.

Our ERP and optimized supply chain enable us to track all product traceability, and guarantee both upstream and downstream tracking of fresh produce in the shortest possible lead times.

CSR: a major challenge for companies

From now on, sectors that produce and/or process food will have to reduce their food waste by 50% by 2030, compared with 2015.

Since 2013, laws have also been passed to reinforce the fight against food waste:

  • 2016 – The so-called Garot law establishes a hierarchy of actions to combat food waste and prohibits the practice of destroying food that is still edible.
  • 2020 – The law on the fight against food waste and the circular economy (Loi AGEC) clarifies the definition of food waste, sets reduction targets and introduces a national “anti-food waste” label.

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Comply with anti-waste laws and regulations

Join Freshopp, promote your CSR approach and do good for the planet by taking part in the Anti-Gaspi movement!

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