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Anti-waste meat box

Top-quality frozen meat. Delivery by refrigerated truck near you. *

In this meat parcel bought online: direct-from-producer butcher’s cuts to save from food waste. Freshopp offers a selection of meats at reduced prices. Meat parcels delivered in Aisne, Somme, Oise, Nord, Pas-de-Calais … Read more



Freshopp offers a wide range of weekly boxes and foodstuffs to save from waste. Download our free anti-waste application and place your first order.

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Our selection of meat cuts to save

We select the frozen meat for our boxes from a wide range of cuts of beef (rib steaks, ribeye steaks, etc.), pork (ribs, sausages, etc.), chicken and poultry, barbecue grills and halal meat. All come from quality partner producers committed to better management of their surplus production. The preservation of Freshopp frozen foods is optimized by our cold chain logistics.

An economical meat parcel delivered near you

Meat is one of the most expensive foods you can put on your plate. How can you eat them regularly without breaking the bank? Anti-gaspi is the perfect way to stock up on meat products at reduced prices. From our mobile application, enter your geographical area and order the meat box online. At Freshopp, it is offered at up to 60% less than conventional distribution prices for similar products. We offer delivery in the Hauts-de-France region via our mobile antigaspi stores. Find collection points near you, where our delivery truck comes to distribute parcels within a 20-minute window.

The opportunity to cook delicious meals

The anti-gaspi meat basket opens the door to creativity in the kitchen, offering a variety of ingredients ready for cooking. You can order it every week, with no obligation. Distributed in 1 to 4 kg packs, these products are perfectly portionable. This way, you can cook tasty dishes every day, while limiting the risk of surplus and food waste.

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