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Box avec differents poissons

The Fish Box

Frozen fish and/or seafood direct from the producer. Refrigerated truck delivery near you

In this fish parcel bought online: Fishmongery items and/or fish-based ready meals, to save from food waste. Freshopp offers a selection of the best tracks at discounted prices. Fish parcels delivered in Aisne, Somme, Oise, Nord, Pas-de-Calais. Read more



Freshopp offers a wide range of weekly boxes and foodstuffs to save from waste. Download our free anti-waste application and place your first order.

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Our selection of fish and seafood products to save

Types of fish: Cod and/or lean and/or red mullet and/or prawns and/or scallops and/or salmon and/or monkfish and/or shellfish and/or pollock and/or sea bass and/or sea bream etc… Food waste is a major problem these days, with large quantities of fish and fish products thrown away unnecessarily. We create partnerships with producers committed to reducing waste and select their best products to make up our Anti-Gaspi Fish Box. Its composition may vary from one week to the next, depending on opportunities and the season.

An economical fish basket delivered near you

Pick up your parcel as if you were going to a fishmonger’s near you! Freshopp is the ideal solution for fresh and frozen products at anti-gaspi prices. With our dedicated application, placing your order is quick and easy, and you can benefit from this no-obligation service all year round. With our refrigerated lorry delivering to collection points, you can take advantage of this great deal and help the planet at the same time. Our application is currently available for delivery in the Hauts de France region.

The opportunity to cook healthy meals at reduced prices

The Freshopp anti-gaspi fish basket gives you the opportunity to cook balanced, tasty meals at reduced prices. Thanks to this innovative concept, our customers can buy frozen fish online at an affordable price, while helping to combat waste. Our fish and ready-made meals are packaged in such a way as to remain portionable, making them easy to store and use, whether you’re on your own or with your family. By following simple but delicious recipes, you can enjoy healthy meals based on marine fish every week. A pleasure for your taste buds and your budget.

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