How can you optimize your shopping budget to save up to 100 euros a month?


In France, inflation is no longer a secret, and there are plenty of tips on how to reduce your monthly shopping budget. Even if going to the supermarket on a limited budget isn’t always easy, some tips for spending less at the store and managing to save up to 100 euros a month are simple to put into practice. Freshopp guides you and has selected the best tips for optimizing your shopping budget!

Setting a shopping budget and sticking to it

The first rule for keeping to a racing budget is to know your monthly budget. Before rushing headlong to the first supermarket on the corner, take the time to do your sums and only leave when you know how much you have available to spend on food. Whether you shop by the week or by the month, the tips are the same.

Compare prices per kilo

One of the keys to optimizing your shopping budget is to look at the price of food per kilo, not the retail price of packets. This means you can buy more, for less. In stores or on the Internet, when you select a product, the most economical choice is not necessarily the one with the lowest unit price. Compare like with like. And for this, comparing the price per kilo is a fair and logical calculation to find out which product is really the cheapest in the range on offer.

Shopping after dinner

It’s a well-known fact that shopping when you’re hungry doesn’t save you any money! Quite the contrary. Whether you do your shopping in-store or online, make sure you do it at the right time, after a meal. It’s a simple tip that will save you money at the checkout.

Using retailers’ loyalty cards

A simple and effective way to earn money every month is to use the loyalty systems created by retailers. In the food sector, loyalty is often rewarded. By accumulating points through your purchases, you save little by little. The money you earn throughout the month or year may be enough to pay for a week (or more) of shopping. So, when do you start?

Opt for anti-waste baskets

Saving money on your shopping budget doesn’t mean eating less, or eating less well. Today, there are alternatives to traditional consumption patterns, which enable you to reduce your monthly budget and consume better, while limiting food waste and acting for the well-being of the planet. This is what Freshopp offers with its anti-waste baskets.

How does it work? Thanks to a mobile application that simplifies shopping, all Freshopp’s economical and anti-waste offers are grouped together in one place. This allows you to take advantage of limited stock arrivals at anti-gaspi prices. Once you’ve made your selection of products, you’ll receive your box at your nearest collection point. Simple, fast and efficient. But above all, it’s economical!

Freshopp’s anti-gaspi boxes are made up of fresh and frozen products, with guaranteed nutritional and taste qualities. All Freshopp anti-gaspi products are sourced directly from producers and/or processors, and comply with all food controls and regulations.

💰 For your first order via the Freshopp app, you’ll receive an immediate 10% discount. A first saving in the race to optimize your budget! As an added bonus, the Freshopp loyalty program allows you to make substantial savings every month, thanks to the accumulation of points earned on every purchase, which are then transferred into vouchers.

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