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🌟 Become a Freshopp Ambassador! 🌟

🍽️ Would you like to take action AGAINST food waste and FOR purchasing power? We have a golden opportunity for you! Become one of our Brand Ambassadors and become part of the Freshopp family.

✨ Why join our ambassador program? ✨

1️/ Discover the Best Products: As an ambassador, you taste, test and share your discoveries with your friends and subscribers.

2️/ Create a Community: Be part of our Freshopp community. Exchange tips, tricks and ideas with others looking for ways to save money on their food budget, while protecting the planet.

3️/ Earn Rewards: By sharing your loyalty for our products, you can earn exclusive rewards, special discounts and above all accumulate EUROS to be deducted from all your orders on the Freshopp app.

4️/ Share Your Passion: By becoming an ambassador, you share exclusive content on your social networks, highlighting our products and inspiring others to try them. You’ll be able to develop your own community and extend your influence, all while being rewarded.

✨ How does it work? ✨

1/ Fill in the online form.

2/ Receive a personalized promo code to share on your social networks and pass on to your family, friends and acquaintances.

3/ Each time a new customer* uses this code, you earn 5 euros.

4/Receive a statement of your kitty at the end of the month, which you convert into products when you order on our app.

*Promo code valid for 3 months from date of issue and can be used once for all new customers with a minimum purchase of 15 euros.

Join us today and make antigaspi an unforgettable experience for you and your community. Sign up here to become a Freshopp Ambassador.